Antiryad Gx

Antiryad Gx is an unified cross platform and multi core 2d and 3d game engine.
In development since 1992, Antiryad Gx today rivals and even surpasses many commercial game engines in feature set, optimization and stability.

Gel and GScript languages

The Gel language is a fast high level object programming language.
It was originaly developed for the Antiryad Gx 3d game engine.
GScript is a translation language able to generate code for C, C#, Java and Python programming languages.

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Antiryad Gx v6.1.01 released

This new major version was released publicly. This version add new r3d low level hardware render API, replacing old render3d API. A new VCPU virtual machine was added, separated from Gel language. Lots of other enhancements was done in video codecs, GScript, Grapheditor, file and network systems, and enhanced 64 bits support.

Posted the 2023/06/03

Antiryad Gx v5.2.01 installer rebuild

A bug was detected in installer and it was rebuilded, now available for download.

Posted the 2023/04/16

Antiryad Gx v5.2.01 released

This version fix a texture memory leak.

Posted the 2023/03/11

Antiryad Gx v5.2.00 released

Since long time, v5.x was released publicly. This public release represent 4 years of development since v4.x. Since v5.1, this new major version enhance video codecs, fix several bugs, added optimizations.

Posted the 2023/03/05

Antiryad Gx v4.9.04 released

This version fix bugs in executable compiler and fix a memory leak in base textures management.

Posted the 2023/02/25

Antiryad Gx v4.9.03 released

This version fix minor bug in software renderer, enhance video codecs quality, fix bugs in gel runtime.

Posted the 2022/12/11

Antiryad Gx v6.0.00 released

This new major private version add new r3d low level hardware rendering API (replacing old render3d API), separate Gel language and VCPU virtual machine, support 64 bits (quad) type, enhance GScript macro language, Grapheditor, File, Filechunk, Network, Steam, File recovery, String, Warp generator, Winbox themes and WDCT video codec, optimized Text editor, removed old Scanline and Complex video codecs and old File cache system.

Posted the 2022/09/04

Antiryad Gx v5.1.00 released

This new major private version fix bugs in thread, winbox, gel and base objects and add optimisations.

Posted the 2022/03/31

Antiryad Gx v7.1 Development: r1763

[pyro]: Enhanced installer.

Posted the 2023/06/04

Antiryad Gx v7.0 Development: r1762

[pyro]: Enhanced makefile.

Posted the 2023/06/04

Antiryad Gx v6.1 Development: r1761

[pyro]: Enhanced installer.

Posted the 2023/06/04

Antiryad Gx v5.2 Development: r1759

[pyro]: Enhanced installer.

Posted the 2023/06/04

Antiryad Gx v4.9 Development: r1760

[pyro]: Enhanced installer.

Posted the 2023/06/04

Antiryad Gx v8.0 Development: r1758

[pyro]: Antiryad Gx v8.0.00.2023.06.03 alpha 19.

Posted the 2023/06/03

AxaConvUnity Preview Distribution: r232

[pyro]: Enhanced inputclassic, added Unity 2022.3 version.

Posted the 2023/06/02

AxaConvUnity Preview Distribution: r233

[pyro]: Enhanced inputclassic.

Posted the 2023/06/02

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